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Who qualify for NAMIC co-funding?

Industry partners, SME, and start-ups who wish to explore Additive Manufacturing in the respective business domain.

How does it work?

NAMIC assists partners & start-ups in 3 steps:-

  1. Project Initiation – identify & develop business need, submit project proposal, project selection
  2. Project Execution – manage the project to ensure a successful completion
  3. Project Commercialization – develop viable commercialization plan

What type of project is eligible for the co-funding?

We support both industry and translational projects that explore the potential application and commercialization of Additive Manufacturing. The projects duration should not exceed 24 months

Who is NAMIC partner?

NAMIC partners closely with EDB (Economic Development Board), Spring Singapore, SMF (Singapore Manufacturing Federation), NTU SC3DP, NUS 3D Print Hub, SUTD DManD, local and global 3D print company leaders, and many others

What is the selection process?

Each qualified project is invited to be presented in monthly NAMIC project meeting. The stakeholders from NAMIC management, EDB, Spring Singapore, 3 IHL representatives, SMF, and other independent industry member will then vote for the project approval

How long does it take to get the co-funding approval?

It typically takes around 12 weeks from the first engagement, depending on complexities and resource availability

Do I need to buy 3D printer for the project?

No. Based on the project need, NAMIC will collaborate with local IHL 3D print centre of excellence who will provide both the technology and machine/printer time

How do I apply?

Industries & start-ups can apply for the co-funding in 3 steps:

  1. Please click here to down-load the blank form for submitting your project proposal form
  2. Send your duly filled form to respective IHL Hubs Manager's email addresses :
  3. For more information, please leave us your details here (Contact Us) so that we can assist you accordingly.