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Funding Schemes

Rapid Concept Funding

  • We understand that as companies need to continuously innovate in order to grow market share and maintain market leadership, innovation takes on a crucial role. This might require a fast validation of a concept, design, or process using additive manufacturing.

  • NAMIC encourages companies (start-ups, or otherwise) to apply for Rapid Concept Funding (RCF), up to a maximum amount of $25,000 for the abovementioned purposes.  

  • RCF also serves as gateway to Full Project Funding (FPF), further unlocking $250,000

  • We understand the speed of business. RCF results will be available within 2 weeks of submission.

Full Project Funding (FPF)

  • For more in-depth undertakings, NAMIC will work with partners from both a technical and business perspective.

  • FPF focuses on assisting the following commercialisation efforts:

    • Scaling up from proof-of-concept
    • Ready-for-market efforts
    • Technology development
    • Certification and standards
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Proof-of-Concept Funding