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NAMIC-IPI Partnership

  • Leverage global Intellectual Property (IP) pool for Background IP (BIP) 

  • Foreground IP (FIP) creation through  Institute of Higher Learning + Industry Partner

NAMIC-SMF Partnership

NAMIC and SMF launch Industry Partnership Program to benefit 3000+ SME membership pool

  • Tie in to AM Industry Working Group, to advance AM adoption and unlock value for SMF membership pool

  • SMF members pool resources, form Technology Partnership Group  around common Technical Challenge

  • NAMIC augments resources, identifies relevant IP, implements translational R&D project to achieve technical objective

  • Click here for more information

NAMIC-ACE Partnership

Namic is partnering with Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) to identify and place students skilled in AM technologies in NAMIC projects. Interested companies please contact NAMIC.



  • NAMIC partners with Polys and IHLs to identify pool of qualified AM students
  • Identify PEP projects suitable for apprenticeship attachment (min.6 months, max. 1yr)
  • Company running PEP project hires apprentice directly
  • Place of students at company facilitated  through ACE Student Training Program (STP)


  • Develop hands-on AM workforce
  • Provide companies with employable talent pool